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Georgia O'Connor ~ Potpourri 2007

Crew go on hunting expedition

The Potpourri, Magnolia, Texas
Ocotber 26, 2007

The Potpourri and the Tomball Volunteer Fire Department followed medium Georgia O'Connor through the old Braugtigam's Slaughterhouse on Rudolph Road to see if the rumors of the old building being haunted were true or not.  O'Connor walked through the old house to see if any spirits felt like talking.

The first room she walked into looked like an old bedroom the only difference was the meat hooks showing through the holes in the ceiling and the muggy air in the room.

The slaughterhouse was originally owned by the Braugtigam family who also owned Braugtigam's Grocery on Main Street in the early 1900s, where Main Street Crossing currently sits.

The slaughterhouse on Rudolph Road was then converted into a house then eventually used by Northwest EMS as their first station in the 1980s.

Now the building is sometimes used for training by the fire department and sits on the land which is about to be developed into a baseball complex.

O'Connor made her way up the rickety stairs to what seemed to be a child's bedroom at some point.

She took a deep breath and said she saw a man who said he used to work in the building, and who claimed he died there.

"... but he's telling me it was an accident," O'Connor said.

She pointed to a white wall on the south side of the room and said, "this wall didn't always used to be here, he's telling me he fell from this room and was impelled through the abdomen with a skewer."

O'Connor said the man's name was James Washburn.

O'Connor said the man wanted to make sure people knew that his death was an accident, "he wasn't pushed or murdered, he fell."

She said the spirit wanted the place where he died to be marked when the building gets demolished and she said the spirit was pointing to TVFD firefighter Matt Maglitto saying he was supposed to handle it, then saying the spirit wanted TVFD firefighter Lou Villonueva to say a special prayer for him.

O'Connor said the spirit said "he was Catholic, too."
"He's telling me he knows you will take care of this, he doesn't worry about you," O'Connor said.

When asked who Mr. Washburn worried about O'Connor said he was pointing to TVFD firefighter Steven "Scuba" Erikson.

"He tells me you put yourself out there, and not to say it is for your job, he knows you've been written up once for it," she said, pointing to Caron, saying the spirit wanted him watch out for Erikson.

O'Connor explained she was going to try to help the spirit into the "light" and in a few seconds she said he was gone from this world.

O'Connor then said she felt a warmth behind her, telling everyone she had nine caucasian men, ranging in age from 16 to 35 with very dirty faces wanted to talk.

Although O'Connor seemed to be the only one to see these men, they immediately started relaying messages to her.
She said these men are not connected to this building, explaining they died on the land before the slaughterhouse was located on it.

O'Connor said they told her they died from "the fever" there before a big oil strike, and that they helped lay near by rail road tracks. O'Connor said the men were mad their bodies were being treated so badly.

"They are talking about blood being poured on them, they don't like that," she said.

O'Connor said spirits who don't go into the light don't have any concept of time, so the men could be talking about something that happened 30 years ago.

She said the men were telling her they had scared TVFD firefighter Chris Caron.

Caron looked at O'Connor shaking his head no.

"They said if you don't admit it they'll do it again," O'Connor said.

Caron still shook his head no.

"They are telling me they are the ones that people talk about," O'Connor said. "They like all of the attention."

O'Connor said the spirits told her teenagers come into the old abandoned building and said "girls aren't what they used to be."

When asked where their bodies were buried, O'Connor said the spirits wanted to show her.

Following O'Connor, the group stumbled through thick brush behind the slaughterhouse and stopped right in front of what looked like a stable.

"They are telling me they are right here in front of us, in one big mass grave, they say they are Irish workers who came to lay the railroad," O'Connor said.

Once again, O'Connor said she was going to try to help them to crossover into the light.

"They are stepping back, they don't want to leave," O'Connor said.

The medium said she opened herself up to family members who might come for the men, to help them cross.

"I have mother here for Dean, she's walking toward one of the men, and now they are all lining up behind each other to go into the light," O'Connor explained.

O'Connor then led the group of ghost hunters back into the slaughterhouse.

"I have two more in here," O'Connor said. "A black man and his son, who is about 8 or 9 years old."

She said the spirit boy's father told her they were murdered, not at the slaughter house, but "down the ways a bit."

She said the father said he and hundreds of others were located on another piece of property, but an exact location was not given. The medium said the spirit only described it as a big open field, where kids play.

Immediately the group of ghost hunters started naming locations. "Jergens!," Caron said.

"Matheson!," Erickson said. "Spring Creek!," Maglitto said.
"That's it, he said that's it," O'Connor said.

The medium said the spirit likes it here because it's quiet and the boy has room to run. This spirit did not reveal his name but O'Connor said "he wants to make sure you mention "the others" who are buried with him by Spring Creek.

The father and son spirits left without saying good-bye, ending the night of ghost hunting, but according to O'Connor, there are many more spirits out at the old slaughterhouse, but only a few are open to their presence.