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Georgia O'Connor - About The Spirit Messenger

Georgia O'Connor, The Spirit Messenger, has been seeing, hearing, and communicating with those in the spirit world for as long as she can remember. She has helped thousands of people from around the world connect with their loved ones on the other side. From helping a desperate family locate their missing loved one, to reconciling relationships between the living and the deceased, to seeking guidance from spirit, to finding out causes of death, to passing on simple and true "I love you's", Georgia's gift changes not only how we view death, but how we view life as well. 

As a child and young adult, Georgia O'Connor tried to hide her abilities, due to a lack of understanding and a desire to be just like everyone else. The more she tried to silence the spirits, the louder they got. At the age of 29, after the birth of her first son, Georgia finally gained the courage she previously lacked and came to terms with her unique gift.  She began doing readings for strangers, still very unsure of herself. As incredible validations were passed on through Georgia time and time again, she had an epiphany of sorts; she came to realize that she truly was only the medium. She did not own this gift and could not credit herself with the effect that the messages she passed on had on the living. In order to be the clearest, most accurate medium she could be, she simply needed to get out of the way - pass on what she saw and heard and pass no judgement on herself or those she communicated with. This lack of ego, this openness, this willingness to be uncensored in her communication is what has led so many to consider Georgia one of the most accurate mediums in the world. 

"I feel it is vital for me to do this," she says, "not only because I know it is my purpose in this lifetime, but also because I know how much a reading can change someone's life, how much peace it can bring them. I have seen my clients' entire outlook on life change after just one session. I have seen the weight they have been carrying for years leave their shoulders. I have seen tears of sorrow turn to tears of joy at the realization that their loved ones were still very much a part of their daily lives. Being able to connect people with their loved ones again is a very special gift that I deeply appreciate and respect." 

Georgia O'Connor conducts private in-person and telephone appointments for people all over the world. She holds regular Meet The Medium seminars to allow people the chance to meet her, ask questions,  and experience a group reading. She has made several TV and radio appearances and always welcomes the opportunity to further "the work".

Georgia's readings take many forms. Many contact her to reconnect with their deceased loved ones, others to seek medical guidance, some for personal, professional, and spiritual guidance through their spirit guides, and all to experience something they have never experienced before. To learn more about the sessions Georgia conducts, please visit her Readings Page.